In a perfect world

In a perfect world everyone would get there music threw Bandcamp, bandcamp is a web sight were you can explore every genre of music. You can directly contact artist around the world, and you can give whatever money you have to help the band and get music in return. Its not like Spotify, or anything like that, it is personal and you feel way more connected with musicians around the world. I think everyone should use Bandcamp its direct to the source of your favorite material.

Not enough people like to experiment with music, like actually look into music and find the roots of it and where it came from. Bandcamp has tags for all the different genres the artist thinks are involved, thats genius it literally puts you a click away from music thats similar but totally different to what you were just listening to.

People today only care about a couple things when it comes to music, the bass and the bars that overlap it, or the electric guitar and synths. A lot of people don’t understand that the mainstream genres that are running todays industry came from a certain type of music. Lately everything I have been hearing has some relation to jazz, like it literally could be considered jazz but people are closed off to that because they think off black and white TV’s and coffee shops. OPEN YOUR EARS, MODERN JAZZ IS FUCKING AMAZING. take cortex for example, and if you don’t see the relation listen to Mac Millers   the divine feminine, or Childish Gambino’s Awaken, My Love!





With the Internet being the way it is plagiarism is the easiest its ever been, people take pictures off of google and put them as there profile picture, or take samples and put it in there music totally illegally and have no idea. People don’t understand that everything on the internet has been created, and put there by somebody who probably doesn’t want you to use it for free. Q_T.jpg

Some vary successful, influential people definitely feel like plagiarism is a good thing and very necessary for creating. I agree with this to an extent, theres a difference between taking samples from a movie or song and colab that with your piece, for a new way point of view on whatever it is, like Archie Marshels song Eyes Drift,

He uses samples of conversation and brings it to the song and puts bass behind it and its magical, it sets the whole vibe. But then theres people like Drake who will literally take a song and copy it exactly but because its not exactly the same he can get away with it. That is not art, that does not take talent, that is an easy way to make money and should be illegal.


Networking today has been easier then ever before, you literally can reach out and connect with an unlimited amount of people without leaving your room. Personally I feel like this can be a pro and a con, because cat fishing is a thing. People can be literally whoever they want, and can really set up expectations on who they are and then get caught up in there act when they have to actually have a conversation with someone. It is a lot harder to hide how socially awkward you are when you don’t have an unlimited amount of time to respond and think about how it may effect the conversation.

Social_Media.pngThe over exposure to typing all the time is really taking its effect on our generation, you can see the text talk coming to life in everyday talk, shit even I say LOL out loud. Technology has changed everything from the average amount of information a person sees a day to the way the english language is spoken/ written.

Social media has taken over the game, I meet more people over twitter then I do in real life without a doubt. It doesn’t matter what the time is, you can grab your phone/computer/Ipad and see who els is cant sleep, or who els loves Elephants. But at the same time people put way to much expectations on social media.


Negatives of WWW

I kinda shared how I felt about the internet in my last blog, but I wasn’t very specific because theres kinda a lot to talk about when it comes to something that knows absolutely everything about anything. But for this one I’m gonna talk about how technology has made it a lot more difficult to make it as an artist in multiple ways, wether its threw painting, to making music, or even as a animation artist. This is for one reason alone, everyone thinks they are a artist online because they can be whoever they wanna be and put anything out for everyone to take in. This makes the quantity go way up and the quality go way down, witch is frustrating but encouraging at the same time.  Take a look at Soundcloud for an example, search a random name and see how many people have 0 tracks and are following like 11 people but still have a link to it on there twitter fronting as a “rapper”.

Streaming music is a touchy subject for me, I absolutely hate it. Up until I started going to The Institute of Production and Recording I only bought CD’s and vinyl, but now I’m a hypocrite and could not imagine not being able to download anything I want. But if it is a real quality piece and I really grow from it I always buy it in hard copy. You ow the artist of that piece something it isn’t fair to have something impact you that much and just have it be a gift.

At the same time I feel like everything I just said about you owing the artist something is bull shit because music isn’t a product anymore its a service.  People as influential as Thom York and Donald Glover and many more understand this concept. Its not a matter of making money but a matter of getting your music out for the world to hear. Some legendary people that I bet you don’t know that did a really cool thing in New York with getting artists work out to the community was Stretch and Bobbito. they have a documentary on Netflix that you should watch.



The Internet

The internet, its been around for all of my adult life, but I still have mixed emotions about it. It strikes me as one of the most advanced things humans have created, but then when you think about it humans are actually not doing anything. Its 100% electronic knowledge that your learning, and if its from reliable sources its accurate. It is to good to be true, at some point we are going to get screwed over threw it. The internet made the world a billion times smaller, we can now contact people half way across the world like its nothing. but at the same time its made the whole world so much smaller because in person socialization is at an all time low, people will swipe right on tinder like its no problem but when you hold the door open they wont even look you in the eyes.

This was the first apple commercial, and it was a little over the line in the 1990’s when Steve Jobs wanted to play it during the super bowl so everyone said no. Then Steve realized that apple is his company and he can do whatever the fuck he wants, so he went behind there back and had it play. It went virile and did exactly what he wanted it to. I think apple was single handedly behind the smartphone and where we are today, people try to argue android but all that those phone have it things that apple decided to stop experimenting with because they new what the people wanted, simplicity.

People can get online from literally anywhere in todays world. because of these smartphones we have issues that we have never faced before like distracted driving, or online bullying, or even hacking. my favorite problem of those three is hacking, it is literally a way to get into another world. You are completely behind the scenes but totally in control, because if you no what your doing you can literally do whatever you want.

A group comes to mind, there name is Anonymous, here is a link to there web sight. Anonymous web sight They believe in strongly in privacy online and humor… online. A lot of them are people who prefer to stay in there basement, or rooms with no windows, pretty much anywhere without sunlight. They are very intelligent and have literally saved country’s from dictatorship. They have a very big support group but the government is definitely not apart of it. Anonymous.jpg

They use the mask from V for vendetta as there identity and it is iconic.

Layers on Layers on Layers

Kevin Parker is one of the most talented people of my generation, he understands the layers behind music and how to beautifully combine genres like psychedelic rock and pop and the outcome is amazing. His Currents album does an amazing job of having extreme synths and electric guitar, but then theres so mKevin_Parker.jpegany catchy hooks and times when you think your listening to some 1990s Britney remix.


He is the person who creates all of Tame Impalas music but he has a performing band that tours with him. I saw one of his shows in California and it was a life changing experience, The lights alone told a story, and then his voice (almost similar to Paul McCartney) takes over everything, It is very overwhelming.

A band that comes to mind when I think legendary is Alt-j, they are a experimental band from europe and have come a long way very fast. They started out playing in there dorms at there University, Thom Greene is the drummer of alt-j  and taped pans to his legs for a similar symbol effect. They are extremely creative and one of the most just interesting bands out there.

They are another band that combines lights and amazing melodies to show you a story when they are performing. I think that at one point this art was lost but now bands like these are bringing it back but bigger and better then ever before. Due to the advancement in technology people can literally walk you around a house and have you end up at the end of the universe without making you move your feet, or even your eyes.

alt-j Tesselate



Who am I?

My names Joe Morris, I am 20 and can currently be located in Burnsville, and if not there check Minneapolis. Chances are good I will be smoking something somewhere dark, or maybe in a car in some random parking lot that you will never find. My life started in Saint Paul, I was only there for 4 and a half years but for the time I was there it was turnt as fuck. If any of you don’t know what turnt means it’s millennial slang for live or like super poppin, I honestly don’t know how else to explain it, sorry. When I was in Saint Paul, I experimented with painting on my living room, dining room, bedroom walls with markers. My parents didn’t appreciate it too much but, I hold it as one of my best pieces of work.

From Saint Paul I went to Burnsville, my beginning years there I was homeschooled, kind of. Me and my mom are extremely close now but when she was my teacher we didn’t have the best relationship. I remember multiple occasions that led to me locking myself in the bathroom and calling my dad, during the time I was in 6th grade I wanted to start playing sports. I started playing baseball, then started playing basketball and then started playing football. So during the grades of 8th to 11th grade I would consider myself a jock, lol. But dont get me wrong I was still experimenting and getting turnt on the side, I was just tryna get a scholarship and go to the NBA.

In 11th grade I started Experimenting with life more and seeing how artificial basketball was , I saw that there was so much more to see, feel, and hear. then just the echoes of basketballs hitting the wooden gym floors. I started experiencing nature, love, concerts, and just really good music for the first time. My life during those years a little bit blurry due to adderall, sleep deprivation, and mass consumption off THC in any form. I didn’t really go to high-school but somehow I graduated and got a scholarship to play at Dakota County Technical Collage, that lasted a couple months and then I dropped out of school, totalled my dads car and got fired from my job in the span of like 3 months.

During that same time I found IPR and started talking to Angela, who is literally an angle from heaven. I had a huge intrest in music, and played drums my whole life, so I decided my goal was to start attending IPR and further my education on Production and Audio Engineering.


Making it as an artist


“Read the forum post by Trent Reznor on the changing music industry” was the instructions for this blog, but the link did not work and then when I tried to find the page by myself and it still didn’t work. So I am just going to talk about what I know on the changing music industry, and a little about how Trent Reznor, he has been ahead of the wave in a couple different occasions. From
creating music to distributing music

I thought the best way to say who Trent Reznor is, was to go straight to wikipedia and see what they say, so heres the definition for him. “Michael Trent Reznor (born May 17, 1965), known professionally as Trent Reznor, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, and film score composer. ” He literally does everything so you just have to accept that he is a god. When he started making Nine Inch Nails music he couldn’t find a band that articulated his sound the right way so he followed Prince/Kevin Parker and played everything by himself in the studio. and had a preference band that traveled with him.

 Trent Reznor is also an og of the music streaming business. He started as the chief creative officer of Dr.Dre Beats Music and later linked up with the Apple Music streaming service. He cared a lot about people hearing his music, and being direct to fan. He had a lot of controversy with his label for pricing his music to high. In in article by SPIN he said “As the climate grows more and more desperate for record labels, their answer to their mostly self-inflicted wounds seems to be to screw the consumer over even more,” he was signed by Universal and then proceeded to go off and sympathize for the people stealing/streaming music.

Trent Reznor has composed music for some of my all time favorite movies like The Girl With The Dragon Tatooe, or Natural Born Killers. Johnny Cash covered one of his songs called Hurt and if tears don’t start violently stream down your face, I would question a lot about yourself.

Check it out and have a horrible rest of your day.