Who am I?

My names Joe Morris, I am 20 and can currently be located in Burnsville, and if not there check Minneapolis. Chances are good I will be smoking something somewhere dark, or maybe in a car in some random parking lot that you will never find. My life started in Saint Paul, I was only there for 4 and a half years but for the time I was there it was turnt as fuck. If any of you don’t know what turnt means it’s millennial slang for live or like super poppin, I honestly don’t know how else to explain it, sorry. When I was in Saint Paul, I experimented with painting on my living room, dining room, bedroom walls with markers. My parents didn’t appreciate it too much but, I hold it as one of my best pieces of work.

From Saint Paul I went to Burnsville, my beginning years there I was homeschooled, kind of. Me and my mom are extremely close now but when she was my teacher we didn’t have the best relationship. I remember multiple occasions that led to me locking myself in the bathroom and calling my dad, during the time I was in 6th grade I wanted to start playing sports. I started playing baseball, then started playing basketball and then started playing football. So during the grades of 8th to 11th grade I would consider myself a jock, lol. But dont get me wrong I was still experimenting and getting turnt on the side, I was just tryna get a scholarship and go to the NBA.

In 11th grade I started Experimenting with life more and seeing how artificial basketball was , I saw that there was so much more to see, feel, and hear. then just the echoes of basketballs hitting the wooden gym floors. I started experiencing nature, love, concerts, and just really good music for the first time. My life during those years a little bit blurry due to adderall, sleep deprivation, and mass consumption off THC in any form. I didn’t really go to high-school but somehow I graduated and got a scholarship to play at Dakota County Technical Collage, that lasted a couple months and then I dropped out of school, totalled my dads car and got fired from my job in the span of like 3 months.

During that same time I found IPR and started talking to Angela, who is literally an angle from heaven. I had a huge intrest in music, and played drums my whole life, so I decided my goal was to start attending IPR and further my education on Production and Audio Engineering.



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