The Internet

The internet, its been around for all of my adult life, but I still have mixed emotions about it. It strikes me as one of the most advanced things humans have created, but then when you think about it humans are actually not doing anything. Its 100% electronic knowledge that your learning, and if its from reliable sources its accurate. It is to good to be true, at some point we are going to get screwed over threw it. The internet made the world a billion times smaller, we can now contact people half way across the world like its nothing. but at the same time its made the whole world so much smaller because in person socialization is at an all time low, people will swipe right on tinder like its no problem but when you hold the door open they wont even look you in the eyes.

This was the first apple commercial, and it was a little over the line in the 1990’s when Steve Jobs wanted to play it during the super bowl so everyone said no. Then Steve realized that apple is his company and he can do whatever the fuck he wants, so he went behind there back and had it play. It went virile and did exactly what he wanted it to. I think apple was single handedly behind the smartphone and where we are today, people try to argue android but all that those phone have it things that apple decided to stop experimenting with because they new what the people wanted, simplicity.

People can get online from literally anywhere in todays world. because of these smartphones we have issues that we have never faced before like distracted driving, or online bullying, or even hacking. my favorite problem of those three is hacking, it is literally a way to get into another world. You are completely behind the scenes but totally in control, because if you no what your doing you can literally do whatever you want.

A group comes to mind, there name is Anonymous, here is a link to there web sight. Anonymous web sight They believe in strongly in privacy online and humor… online. A lot of them are people who prefer to stay in there basement, or rooms with no windows, pretty much anywhere without sunlight. They are very intelligent and have literally saved country’s from dictatorship. They have a very big support group but the government is definitely not apart of it. Anonymous.jpg

They use the mask from V for vendetta as there identity and it is iconic.


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