With the Internet being the way it is plagiarism is the easiest its ever been, people take pictures off of google and put them as there profile picture, or take samples and put it in there music totally illegally and have no idea. People don’t understand that everything on the internet has been created, and put there by somebody who probably doesn’t want you to use it for free. Q_T.jpg

Some vary successful, influential people definitely feel like plagiarism is a good thing and very necessary for creating. I agree with this to an extent, theres a difference between taking samples from a movie or song and colab that with your piece, for a new way point of view on whatever it is, like Archie Marshels song Eyes Drift,

He uses samples of conversation and brings it to the song and puts bass behind it and its magical, it sets the whole vibe. But then theres people like Drake who will literally take a song and copy it exactly but because its not exactly the same he can get away with it. That is not art, that does not take talent, that is an easy way to make money and should be illegal.


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