Networking today has been easier then ever before, you literally can reach out and connect with an unlimited amount of people without leaving your room. Personally I feel like this can be a pro and a con, because cat fishing is a thing. People can be literally whoever they want, and can really set up expectations on who they are and then get caught up in there act when they have to actually have a conversation with someone. It is a lot harder to hide how socially awkward you are when you don’t have an unlimited amount of time to respond and think about how it may effect the conversation.

Social_Media.pngThe over exposure to typing all the time is really taking its effect on our generation, you can see the text talk coming to life in everyday talk, shit even I say LOL out loud. Technology has changed everything from the average amount of information a person sees a day to the way the english language is spoken/ written.

Social media has taken over the game, I meet more people over twitter then I do in real life without a doubt. It doesn’t matter what the time is, you can grab your phone/computer/Ipad and see who els is cant sleep, or who els loves Elephants. But at the same time people put way to much expectations on social media.



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