Negatives of WWW

I kinda shared how I felt about the internet in my last blog, but I wasn’t very specific because theres kinda a lot to talk about when it comes to something that knows absolutely everything about anything. But for this one I’m gonna talk about how technology has made it a lot more difficult to make it as an artist in multiple ways, wether its threw painting, to making music, or even as a animation artist. This is for one reason alone, everyone thinks they are a artist online because they can be whoever they wanna be and put anything out for everyone to take in. This makes the quantity go way up and the quality go way down, witch is frustrating but encouraging at the same time.  Take a look at Soundcloud for an example, search a random name and see how many people have 0 tracks and are following like 11 people but still have a link to it on there twitter fronting as a “rapper”.

Streaming music is a touchy subject for me, I absolutely hate it. Up until I started going to The Institute of Production and Recording I only bought CD’s and vinyl, but now I’m a hypocrite and could not imagine not being able to download anything I want. But if it is a real quality piece and I really grow from it I always buy it in hard copy. You ow the artist of that piece something it isn’t fair to have something impact you that much and just have it be a gift.

At the same time I feel like everything I just said about you owing the artist something is bull shit because music isn’t a product anymore its a service.  People as influential as Thom York and Donald Glover and many more understand this concept. Its not a matter of making money but a matter of getting your music out for the world to hear. Some legendary people that I bet you don’t know that did a really cool thing in New York with getting artists work out to the community was Stretch and Bobbito. they have a documentary on Netflix that you should watch.




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