Layers on Layers on Layers

Kevin Parker is one of the most talented people of my generation, he understands the layers behind music and how to beautifully combine genres like psychedelic rock and pop and the outcome is amazing. His Currents album does an amazing job of having extreme synths and electric guitar, but then theres so mKevin_Parker.jpegany catchy hooks and times when you think your listening to some 1990s Britney remix.


He is the person who creates all of Tame Impalas music but he has a performing band that tours with him. I saw one of his shows in California and it was a life changing experience, The lights alone told a story, and then his voice (almost similar to Paul McCartney) takes over everything, It is very overwhelming.

A band that comes to mind when I think legendary is Alt-j, they are a experimental band from europe and have come a long way very fast. They started out playing in there dorms at there University, Thom Greene is the drummer of alt-j  and taped pans to his legs for a similar symbol effect. They are extremely creative and one of the most just interesting bands out there.

They are another band that combines lights and amazing melodies to show you a story when they are performing. I think that at one point this art was lost but now bands like these are bringing it back but bigger and better then ever before. Due to the advancement in technology people can literally walk you around a house and have you end up at the end of the universe without making you move your feet, or even your eyes.

alt-j Tesselate




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